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Jesse Duran
Director Triangle Clean Cities

Jesse serves as the Director of the Triangle Clean Cities Coalition. He brings a background in Mechatronics Engineering & Sustainability and a passion for leveraging technical expertise to drive innovation in transportation, resiliency, and emission reduction strategies. 

He has a Master's in Sustainability from Wake Forest University, a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronic Engineering from Universidad Don Bosco, and an Associate's degree in Automotive Technology. Jesse brings a robust applied experience to his Clean Cities endeavors in North Carolina. His career spans diverse roles, including serving as a Sustainability Analyst at Element Fleet Management, where he led sustainability analysis for a 1.5M fleet of vehicles, informing electrification targets, fleet electrification, and global oversight to the electric vehicle market. Jesse's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the corporate realm; he has contributed his expertise to organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund, where he played a pivotal role in scaling the New Jersey Zero-Emission Incentive Program from $15M to $25M and the development the structure to encourage the second-hand electric vehicle market.

Jesse's passion for alternative fuels includes biodiesel, hydrogen, and fleet electrification. His dedication to creating sustainable solutions extends beyond his professional endeavors, showcasing a commitment to driving positive change in both local and global communities. With a rich skill set encompassing automation, renewable energy technologies, and project management, Jesse embodies a multifaceted professional poised to make a significant impact in transportation, supply chain and sustainable development.