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What It Is

DRIVE Electric USA will fully develop 14 state-based “Drive Electric” programs that will engage individuals, utilities, legislators, dealerships and others towards removing adoption barriers and accelerating plug-in electric vehicle use in our states.

Project leaders and implementers will educate consumers, utilities, utility regulators, and government officials while engaging auto dealers and fleet leaders, conducting EV infrastructure planning, and developing local EV chapters. All of this will occur under the banner of each branded, statewide EV initiative which will be guided by that state’s stakeholders.

The project is running from October 2020 through December 2023 and is comprised of a group of diverse stakeholders, including Clean Cities Coalitions from fourteen states, electric vehicle and EVSE OEMs, and other committed partners who are dedicated to raising awareness and adoption of EVs across the United States.


  • Statewide Branded EV Programs
  • Consumer Education
  • Utility and Regulator Education
  • EV Charging Infrastructure and Planning
  • Education of State and Local Government Officials
  • Dealership Engagement
  • Fleet Engagement and EV Adoption

TCC's Involvement

Triangle Clean Cities will serve as the project lead for the state of North Carolina and will be working closely with project partners to implement DRIVE Electric USA programs over the next three years. In coordination with Plug-in NC, North Carolina’s statewide EV advocacy organization, the project team will work to educate consumers, policymakers, regulators, auto dealerships, and fleet managers about the benefits of electric drive technology.

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