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Triangle Clean Cities

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  • First, we’ll feature Mike Rowand, Director of Technology Development for Duke Energy, on the power and planning considerations for medium- and heavy-duty operators and how utilities can help with future transportation and infrastructure planning.

    Then, we’ll see how these practices are put to work. Jim Poch, transportation manager of Duke Energy South Carolina, will share current initiatives and highlight successful collaboration with case studies from various Duke Energy service territories.

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  • Webinar on factors and issues that organizations, fleets and municipalities should consider when looking to purchase electric vehicles.
  • You’ll hear from: Bill Eaker of the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition, who helped secure funding for multiple applicants in North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality VW Settlement.
    • Chris Davis of the City of Charlotte, who will share his experience electrifying the City’s motor fleet and its criteria for assessing the electrification potential of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.
    • Mark McGrew with Lion Electric, who will highlight vehicle offerings from the truck and bus manufacturer, pilot projects underway across the country and purchasing opportunities in North Carolina.


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  • In this webinar we learned how Greensboro, NC and Dominion Energy are electrifying transportation through transit and school buses in their area. Moderated by Caitlin Rose of Triangle J. Clean Cities; guest speakers included Jacob Bolin of Plug-in NC at Advanced Energy, Kate Staples of Dominion Energy, and Jay Perkins and George Linney of the Greensboro Transit Agency.
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  •  Speakers will touch on how individual travelers and our transportation landscape could potentially be impacted by emerging technologies, how communities and businesses are adapting, and what relevance an energy lens can bring to these discussions now and in a post-pandemic world. Participants will hear from experts about:
    • The Department of Energy’s Energy Efficient Mobility Systems initiative and related federal priorities.
    • Ongoing research focusing on a dynamic and holistic understanding of individual traveler behavior and decision-making within a rapidly evolving transportation environment. Current applications of connected and autonomous technologies applicable to local communities in North Carolina and beyond
  • Speakers:
    • Mike Laughlin (US Department of Energy)
    • Josh Dodson (Cisco)
    • Aymeric Rousseau (Argonne National Laboratory)

Southeast Region Clean Cities Coalitions Events

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  • The Blue Ridge EV Club hosted a Zoom panel session with women from around the area telling them what they love best about EVs and what got them into sustainable transportation.
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  • Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3, S, Y & Tesla Model X Test Drive
  • Join PCF, Drive Electric Columbia, and local EV owners as they virtually demonstrate their vehicles. Presentations include PCF and their new Energy Office Chevy Bolt along with a test drive along with a prospective EV buyer.
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  • Join PCF, Duke Energy, Renu Energy, and a local Tesla owner to learn how residential solar enables resilient and off-grid charging for your EV. Covered topics will be South Carolina’s EV landscape, Duke Energy’s EV outlook, and solar and storage basics – as well as a real world example.
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  • EPA, Clean Cities and Georgia Power partnership to install power pedestals and purchase electric truck refrigerated trailers to reduce diesel consumption at idle.